Why Macau Is A Must For Your Bucket List

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If you’re bored of mainstream destinations, then Macau is a definite contender for your next holiday destination. Hidden on the south coast of China, Macau has often been called the ‘Las Vegas’ of Asia. Macau is a small region that is only 40 miles away from Hong Kong, and what it lacks in size is certainly made in culture, thrills, and spills… Take a look at why Macau is a must for your Bucket List.

You’ll feel like you’re in two places at once

Until 1999, Macau was actually Portuguese territory. Even though it has been taken back by China, four centuries of Portuguese influence has left a distinctly European feel about the place. Whether it’s the food, the architecture or the people, you won’t feel too far away from home with this eclectic mix of Asian and European culture.

Macau is one of the best places to gamble

If you’re into your gambling and casinos, then you’ll love Macau. It is considered one of the biggest gambling centres in the world, and has everything you could wish for. Because Macau is the only place in China where gambling is legal, they have taken their gambling rights to the extreme…I guess it makes up for the rest of the country. If you love gambling and haven’t been to Macau yet, you need to go.

It has amazing beaches

Even though Macau seems like a bustling city, Macau also satisfies its tourists with its natural, and beautiful beaches. Although it may look odd, the sand in Macau is actually black. This is due to the minerals in the sand. A definite must-see, and a welcome retreat if you’re not fond of the busy city life.

The food is just….MMMMM!

Because of the clash of cultures in Macau, the food has gone from strength to strength with its cuisines. With its Asian heritage and Portuguese influences, you’ll never taste food as good as you do in Macau. Because they’re a region of foodies, you can find everything from Michelin star restaurants, to street cafes. And you can’t go to Macau without trying their famous delicacy – the sweet egg custard tart. Yummy.

Visit the Macau Tower

Macau lies by the Pearl River Delta, and if you ascend the Macau Tower, you can view the river in all its glory from 338m high. You can even eat in its revolving restaurant at the top of the tower. I don’t know how I feel about that; I may not keep the food in if I looked down….

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