Sweet soul music

January 27, 2008 | By admin | Filed in: Uncategorized.

My friends Andy and Michelle gave Newsboys concert tickets to their daughter Nicole for her birthday, but they’d already booked a cruise for the last week of January and asked me if I might take Nicole to the concert.

So it is that I was sitting (er…standing) in a sold out auditorium listening to one of Christian music’s biggest acts with a 10 year old. The Newsies were in ‘tour’ mode. “Hello Minnesota! It sure is cold here! ” (Roar from the crowd…) “You guys are the loudest crowd ever!” (Bigger roar…Ow, my ears. don’t DO that!) News alert to Newsboys: It’s January in MINNESOTA! and we are lLOUD because it is January in Minnesota and we are ANGRY that some people are on cruises and we’re not. (Oops, sorry Andy and Michelle. JK, sort of.)

You know you’re old and cranky when you are the only guy in the crowd who pops in earplugs after the first song. Nicole liked it. She pumped her arms up and waved them around with the other couple thousand people when the Newsboys leader commanded, “Everybody, put your hands in the air!” How did you like the show Nicole? “It was good. I liked the spinning drums.”

As for me, I loved the soulful opening act…OneWorldSon. Very funky young band and a really soulful lead singer. A twenty something white boy from Niagra Falls!? who’s channeling a little Bob Marley, James Brown and Bill Withers.

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