6 Reasons to Take a Trip to San Jose This Year

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If you’ve ever wanted to travel a little further afield than your usual European breaks, and beach holidays, San Jose could be your next destination. Nestled in the valleys of Costa Rica – rated as the happiest place to live. Bonus – San Jose is a busy and bustling city surrounded by valleys, mountains, and even volcanoes. Here are 6 reasons to take a trip to San Jose this year.

  1. They have the best coffee shops

I know it’s probably not one the selling points for everyone, but there are some of you out there who are serious coffee addicts. (If you don’t think you have, you probably do). Costa Rica grows and prepares some of the best coffee beans in the world, and so their coffee is just….mmmm.

  1.  It’s the city that never sleeps

If you love gambling, you’ll love San Jose. With other a dozen huge casinos in San Jose city, you’ll find a new casino to try out on every corner. With every casino game you could want to play, be sure to try out the Costa Rican card game, very similar to Rummy.

  1. You can experience a new culture

Costa Rica is a place like no other. With its concrete buildings and luscious scenery, San Jose is not your typical holiday destination but is bursting with history. With hundreds of museums and art galleries to visit, you can experience the true Costa Rica, without breaking the bank.

  1. Pura Vida

If you’re going to visit San Jose, you need to be familiar with the term Pura Vida – which literally translates to ‘Pure Life.’ The Costa Ricans use this term as a way of saying hello and goodbye, and the phrase sums up their way of life. Their everyday lives are slower and much less stressful than anywhere else in the world. What more could you want from a holiday?

  1. It’s easy to navigate

From the air, San Jose can seem like a mishmash of roads, alleyways…and confusion. In fact, navigating your way around San Jose is actually quite simple. Everything a traveller would need or want to see is contained within the city centre, called the Avenida Central. Everything else around this area are the barrios, or the neighbourhoods.

  1. They have amazing marketplaces

If you’re looking for authentic, handmade gifts for your loved ones, San Jose is the place. With their Artisan markets and stalls, the items and gifts you buy in San Jose will definitely be one of a kind.

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