In Birch Woods-When the road turns

“…Workin’ on the woodpile before the birch turns to rot
You swing the maul down baby with everything you got.
You’re up north (woo hoo)
and the snow begins to fall.”
©flyertunes 1993
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In Birch Woods-Sawing down trees

Birch Woods
Sawing down birch trees
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In Birch Woods Desert

In Birch Woods Desert
Roger Flyer
October 2010
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In Birch Woods

In Birch Woods
Roger Flyer
October 2010
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Songs springing from the desert…

What I have

I have no reputation
I have no silver or gold
All I have I will give you
What I have is a hand to hold
I know it may not look like
All that much to ya
Sometimes the greatest gifts
Don’t come with Hal-le-lu-ias!

I promise you if you will take my hand
We will make our way out
Up and out of this darkness
Up and out of this tunnel of doubt…

I have a broken body
I have strong hands that care
I offer you my presence
I will help you bear.

Sometimes the things we long for
Aren’t really what we need
We pine for wine and honey
When what we need is seed…
We come for peace and comfort
We find trouble and pain
We cry for bread and sunshine
We stand hungry in the rain

I promise you if you will take my hand
We will make our way out
Up and out of this darkness
Up and out of this coal mine of doubt.

Between the cross and resurrection
I stand with hands that bless
I honor you and your direction
I bless you in this holy mess.


“What do you do?” asked the inquiring new acquaintance at the wedding reception of a friend’s daughter last night.

“I’m…uhhh. I’m…uhhh…in transition.” I said.

“Oh,” she said, with a deer in the headlights look.

I could see she felt obliged to hear more, but didn’t want to hear another sob story of the unemployed barber or banker.

“I’m a theologian,” I announced.

This little pronouncement sent my wife home after a few wedding dances (Brown eyed girl, Twist and shout, etc) to set her hair on fire.

“You’re calling yourself a theologian!?” She was incredulous, like I’d said I was a heart surgeon, a physicist, an astronaut, a professional baseball player, a plumber. “You are not a theologian!”

“But a theologian is someone who studies God and the things of God, right?” I protested. “I mean, look at my library. Except for a few books on fly fishing and baseball, they are, every one of them, books about God and the history of God’s work in the world, and people’s poems and stories and thoughts about God. And I have spent three modules studying theology and pastoral work at seminary and didn’t I spend most of the 2000’s as a pastor?”

“You have incredible chutzpah!” she argued. “You can’t announce to the world that you are a theologian!”

What do you think? Are you a theologian if you are passionate about the study of all things having to do with God?

Christmas Eve and snowstorm coming

I haven’t posted since September (Sorry loyal fans…all 12 of you!) Storm coming in the next 24 hours, my deeply loved mother-in-law Marian is dying in hospice. I am working very hard at the cafe. Life on hold. God is good…but mysterious and inscrutable.